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MPL AG Elektronikunternehmen

MPL AG, Switzerland, founded 1985

MPL AG is located in Switzerland in the town of Dättwil near Zürich, in the Canton Aargau, and was founded in 1985 by Rudolf Hug.
MPL is 100% self-financed and a fully independent company. Since 1985 MPL AG develops and manufactures industrial PCs (boards and systems) for industrial needs and industrial controls with a high quality standard exclusively in Switzerland to keep the high quality standard we commit in our Logo.
MPL AG has grown at a steady rate since 1985 and is a member of the HT-Holding AG and the 1947 established BIBUS Holding AG. The two companies hold each 50% of the shares. The annual turnover of the two holdings is over 200 Million Swiss Francs.
This background - plus the fact that MPL always has been self-financed - is a guarantee for your trust to work with us today and tomorrow.
The success story of the enterprise is based on various unique solutions for industrial needs: a rugged and robust PC compatible industrial concept, innovative solutions, as well as the long-term availability of the systems. Further key strengths of MPL AG are the products low power consumption and extended temperature range that is being offered for all products as well as customized solutions and the professional support that comes with each product.
The claim "High-Tech made in Switzerland" is taken seriously and is proven by a steady growing base of satisfied customers throughout the world.

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